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Beginner Guide to Create Convertible PDF Online

Today a digital document management becomes more and more popular. Most people prefer storing their papers on computers and smartphones and don't consume much space on a desk. It is easier to handle a work process as you can send or share data anytime you want even while on the go.

People often use PDF format for saving files as it has multiple advantages. It is easy to open and view. It always retains its formatting. The key point is that it is unalterable. So, you cannot change information in your sheet or manipulate it without a specific editor. However, it is always possible to convert PDFs to other formats (PPT, PNG, JPG, Word and Excel). Refer to the information below that will assist you in choosing an appropriate tool.

How to Select a Good PDF Editor?

When you start searching for a needed solution, you will face a number of offers. On today's market there are many both online and offline editors. To not get confused with a variety of choices we offer you to take advantage of online tools. They are very convenient and user-friendly, because:

  • there is no need to download any additional application or programs;
  • most of them can be used for free;
  • they always offer updated features and
  • are compatible with all major OS and are available for any device.

You can access such PDF editing tools at any time wherever you are. The only thing you need to take into account is a stable and good internet connection.

What Features are Available?

Using online editing services, you can personalize a needed file according to your requirements. They allow you to create a convertible PDF. Actually, each file opened in the editor is already convertible, fillable and editable. To change a format just choose “Save as” and pick the needed one. In addition, you have an ability to implement the following manipulations:

  • create checkboxes, drop-down lists and fillable fields;
  • add numbers, dates, signatures and photos.
  • resize the fields in a form;
  • choose the text format including the font, size, color and alignment;
  • change the position of your content and place it where you want.


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Video instructions - Convert Scanned PDF To Editable Excel

Instructions and Help about Convert Scanned Pdf To Editable Excel

Hi and in today's Microsoft Word tutorial I'm going to show you how to make this editable form so that you can fully customize it put in all the different information that you need and allows your client or your user to be able to simply go into the form and type the information they need to and then just simply send the file back to you so let's get started so we're going to start with our a4 piece of paper and we're firstly going to adjust the margins of our page currently by default if we go up to the Layout tab you'll find that your margins will be around about two and a half centimetres wide but what we want to do to increase the amount of information we can get on our page then we want to make those margins as small as possible so if we go out to the Layout tab up here go to the margins icon click on the drop-down and I'm going to select narrow and as you can see it just reduces your margins down to just over a centimeter next thing I want to do is add the title so if you just want a simple title in the middle of your document then you can just simply go ahead and put a title in highlight it increase the font by using this icon here you can make it bold and also underline it if you want to put it at the center of your document then just click the center alignment button here and there's your title but for this particular demonstration I'm actually going to put my title on in the textbox that way I can move it around anywhere I want in my form so I'm just going to highlight that and I'm just going to press command or control C to copy it so I can put it straight into a textbox and I'm going to delete it I'm going to go to the insert tab go along to textbox click on the drop down and click draw textbox then I'm just going to simply click and drag my cursors inside my textbox and I'm just going to click command or control V now this is automatically centered the title in my text box but I'm just going to go up to the Home tab click on my title and just left align it and then I'm just going to reduce the size of my text box if I click off you can see I've got a border around my text box which I don't want so if I select my text box click on shape format go to this icon here which is the outline tab click on the drop down and click no outline now I can move my text box anywhere around my document so I'm just going to pop my title up here and then perhaps there's some ...

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Deborah W.
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James S.
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Denis B.
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