How Can I Convert a PDF to Xml?

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How can I convert a PDF to XML?

If you are well versed in Unix and want a command line statement. pdftohtml -xml will convert a pdf file into a xml format. pdftohtml(1) - Linux man page

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Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

Powdered — A new, faster and higher performance PDF library Powdered is a library for creating PDF files without having to worry about the various dependencies. It uses the Idlib package of the GNU project. Powdered does not need to know anything about the particular PDF format. In fact, Powdered does not know anything about the PDF file format which is completely optional. In this example we generate the code with the Powdered library. Pdf4html -e 'powdered .pdf' Print the document from a command-line program The last example is really the most difficult to understand: what do you do if you need the output from the output of a command that does not recognize the PDF file format? Print -v -F \ -c “print to PDF” \ -d “input file” file1 file2 | head -c 30' > output.pdf If you are familiar with using the CVS command to check out a remote.