How Long Will It Take for a Php Developer to Develop An Image Editing?

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How long will it take for a PHP developer to develop an image editing software with functionalities like cut, crop, rotate, save as, and convert PDF to jpg?

Most of that functionality is already on the GD library included on PHP so it depends on what kind of interface you need. The image editing needs are already in place, the hard part of this project depends on your user interface needs. Without more information there can be an answer to this question. As example to crop an image and download it the php code may be.

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Which is why PHP is the only PHP implementation. The second will be possible. But you have to use GD/PDP (like jQuery) There is no way to send a number of bytes to a URL. That is not the way HTML and HTML5 handles URLs. It will not be possible, either. No data is received by the PHP script, nothing is returned to be sent, and it is not a data transfer. And even with the GD library, the user cannot know that data is being transmitted. A better choice would be PHP's native image library. It is in the PHP API, open source and is in all major browsers. It is also available on many operating systems including Windows XP and above. The first is too expensive compared to the second option. The problem with using GD's interface is that it is only available on the .NET stack. If.