Why Would People Convert PDF to Tiff?

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Why would people convert PDF to TIFF?

So t have their files in TIFF format to support an application t use or a standard database format with other files. TIFF was released in 1986 so it is an established format in use by many organizations. It is older than the World Wide Web. It is older than PDF. You can read about TIFF here. TIFF - Wikipedia Tagged Image File Format Back when I was viewing mortgage image documents for a job, the images were in TIFF format.

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Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

I often wondered why they didn't convert them to PICT format. PICT is another of my favorites. It's easier to store the image details in a larger file format. It is easier to store the image details in a PICT or JPEG format. PICT — Wikipedia PICT is a file format developed by the International Digital Imaging Industry. It was originally developed as a standard for storing photographs and graphics, it has been extended to storage many other formats. It is a standard image file format used for storing photographs and graphics. It also is commonly used for storing graphic information. PICT — Wikipedia There is a free online version of PICT called PICT Viewer. It is a simple and easy to use online viewer that provides a way to view PICT images from various applications. Here is how you open PICT. Right click on PICT Image and choose open in new tab..